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BOOST 2024
Saturday, April 6, 2024

Thank you for your support in 2020!

The BOOST (short for Bringing Optimism & Opportunity to Students & Teachers) Committee held its annual BOOST Bash in March 2020.  The event looked a little different this year as a virtual event, but as you can see below, the event was another huge success!

2020 BOOST Total Raised (Net Proceeds)

Net Proceeds                                                           50359.43

2020 BOOST Total Distributions

Classroom/Educator Grants/Projects                    $41,323.00

Teacher Appreciation Gifts/Events                         $5,000.00

In-Year Request Fund                                            $4,036.43


Teachers were given the opportunity to request funds for specific projects, and teachers were notified of awards at the end of the school year.  Distributions were coordinated by a selection committee composed of teachers and BOOST committee members.  All of the funded projects are below:

2020 BOOST Funded Projects

        Project                                                                                        Grade/Department

1 Nonfiction Reading Resources Elementary - All Grades
2 Games for Social-Emotional Learning Elementary - All Grades
3 Parent/Family Outreach Elementary - All Grades
4 Building Fluency with Poetry Elementary - 1st - 4th Grades
5 Field Trip - ISU Youth Matinee Series Elementary - Kindergarten
6 Math Stackers Elementary - Kindergarten
7 Brain Bins Elementary - 1st Grade
8 Field Trip - Stephen's Elementary - 2nd Grade
9 Science Outreach Elementary - 2nd Grade
10 Science Supplies Elementary - 2nd Grade
11 Book Request Program Elementary - 3rd Grade
12 Field Trip - Science Center Elementary - 3rd Grade
13 Instant Film Camera Elementary - 3rd Grade
14 Sphero Bolts (Robots) & Charger Elementary - 3rd & 4th Grade
15 STEM Family Night Elementary - 3rd & 4th Grade Tech/TAG
16 Lu Interactive (Partial Funding) Elementary - PE
17 Sensory Room Elementary - Special Education
18 Chrometabs with Cases (2) Elementary - Title 1 Reading
19 Field Trip - Living History Farms Middle School - 5th Grade
20 Field Trip - Civic Center Applause Series Middle School - 6th Grade
21 Field Trips - Science Center/History; Spring Lake; Capital Trip Middle School - 7th & 8th Grades
22 Card Catalog Tablet Kiosk Middle School - Library
23 Field Trip - Iowa Wild Choir Performance Middle School - Choir
24 Building Basecamp Relations Activity (Table design) Middle School - Special Education
25 Special Ed Classroom Sensory Space Middle School - Special Education
26 Field Trip - Skiing Middle School - PE
27 Cricut + 2 tablets High School - Ag Education
28 Virtual Business Simulation- Entrepreneurship/Accounting High School - Business
29 String bags for Kindergarteners High School - Family and Consumer Sciences
30 Two RealityWorks Babies High School - Family and Consumer Sciences
31 Student whiteboards High School - Math
32 Stress Relief Supplies High School - Special Education
A. Several 2019-2020 projects were not able to be completed due to the change to virtual learning - those project funds are still available for teachers to use during the 2020-2021 academic year
B. If field trips and/or other projects are unable to occur, BOOST will coordinate with teachers to determine whether to roll funds into a future academic year or reallocate to different projects


Thank you to our Generous Sponsors!

  • Home State Bank
  • Jefferson Telecom
  • Steve & Julie Karber
  • Fairview Veterinary Clinic
  • Greene County Redi Mix
  • NexGen Baths
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dean & Cassie Dozier
  • Heritage Insurance & Real Estate
  • Neese Inc.
  • New Cooperative Foundation
  • Raccoon Valley Mutual Insurance Association
  • Scranton Telephone Company